As we heard this past Sunday:  Rejoice always, pray constantly, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. Do not quench the Spirit!

This reading is truly a faithful lesson that speaks to the community of St. Catherine's.  Both timely and appropriate given the past 18 months, these words touched many hearts.   At St. Catherine, we have much to rejoice in, pray about and give thanks for. Many changes have occured over the past 18 months, and God has given us strength to face the change with His Grace and compassion.  Father Fred leads our parish with a clear vision for the future, always reminding us of what we have accomplished and can further accomplish as a community. 

We rejoice in the progress our students are making this school year, and in the well balanced education they are receiving.   Our campus of the WINGS Initiative is thriving and our children are such blessings to our parish and Ravenna community.  The school is alive  with happy voices, the sounds of joyful music and the evidence of cheerful giving.  Classrooms are bustling with activity; Learning new things AND in new ways! 

We give thanks for the blessings of our school; blessings like the opportunity for our children to learn in such a flexible and innovative environment, supported by faith filled men and women who teach, lead and volunteer. We pray for continued growth in our students and further development and enhancement of our program. 

We rejoice in:

The youngest members of our school grow each day through experiences in and outside their classroom.  A field trip this Fall was such a treat for not only the children, but for the parents and grandparents that accompanied them!  Ms. Jackie Rasch's innovative lessons are inspiring these little hearts and minds, and instilling in them a thirst for learning.  Each day leaves them wanting more.

Rhyming, counting, patterns, routines, letter recognition and writing, Zoo Phonics, games, songs, dancing, art and more keep the children engaged and busy for their school day.  They end each session with stuffed backpacks, and tired but smiling faces.  Learning can sometimes be a tiring business when you're 3 and 4!

Mr Herremans enjoying the field trip!
Mr & Mrs Swanson, Mrs Grover working hard

Graham Crackers with Grand Friends brought the children together with their special friends. Together they built gingerbread houses, shared a snack and loving fellowship.  The children enjoyed showing off their tables, toys, classroom, etc. and hosting their guests.

Ms. Hoogterp's hand chimes sounded lovely
Under the direction of Ms. Eileen Hoogterp, the children of St. Catherine's are raising their voices in song.  The annual Christmas program was held this past Sunday, in front of a packed hall.  Attendees were treated to the sounds of heavenly hand chimes, and angelic voices singing songs of the blessed season.  This year's program included student soloists on the piano, trumpet and violin, as well as singing, dancing and St. Francis' Christmas nativity. 

As is the tradition, the program ended with the audience joining our children in singing Christmas carols.  Mr. & Mrs. Claus also made their annual appearance. 


Raising their voices in song: The students of St. Catherine's School
Kindergarten & Preschool Students, performed the Reindeer Pokey. Shown here are some of the students putting their "Right Hoof In"

A new community building program, called Lunch With Friends kicked off today.  Our school family was joined by over 50 guests, who shared a meal and were treated to a holiday concert.   We are thankful to Mrs. Best who provided the delicious soup and sandwich lunch, to Mrs. Goodno who worked so hard to handle RSVP's and details of the day, and to Mrs. Hoogterp who directed the concert.

We are already planning for the next luncheon and hope to see you there!  Future dates will be on the parish/school calendar, and included in the parish  bulletin.

Rejoicing in our blessings, we cheerfully give to those in need this holiday season

From the entire St. Catherine's School family, we wish you all the best of the Christmas season. May the new year bring great joy, health and spiritual well-being. 



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